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Do you know that 20% of the content on Spotify has never been played? Forgotify is a web app that wants to remedy this. It aims to spread the names of those artists and songs that nobody has ever heard of around the world, or at least promote them beyond this streaming service.

Browsing the entire Spotify music library (which has 20 million some songs) makes it difficult to discover strange or unknown songs, so if you really want to 'discover' music, in the purest sense of the word, use Forgotify. With Forgotify, you can make sure you hear the song before anyone else.

Forgotify is very easy to use: open the web app, select a song, hit play, and listen to it via Spotify.

If you don't like it, you can click on 'next.' If you like it and want to share it on your social networks, you can do that, too. These unknown musicians and songs from all over the world will surprise you - for better or worse.

You need to have a Spotify account and have the client installed on your computer.

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